Organic Essential Oils

Certified Organic Essenial Oils

Organic Essential Oils are cultivated on organic farms and all of our oils are from an organic certified entity. 

Why Organic?

Organic is the way you prepare the oils. This means no chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers during the growth of the plant.

The Process

Three types of the process are Steam distilled, hydro distillation, and cold pressed. This depends on the material of the plant to be extracted from.

How to use Organic Essential Oils

There are many ways to apply oils to benefit your well-being. You can use it in the bath, chest rub, compress, diffusers, direct application, gargle, Steam, internal, massage, mouthwash, in the sauna, but our favorite of course is Aromatherapy Inhalation of organic essential oils through our Next Level Stick! 

History of Essential Oils

There is a huge history of the use of essential oils in helping better your life. They are known to be some of the oldest and most powerful substances on earth. There are records of the Egyptians using them for rituals and mentioned in the Bible. Used for, religious rituals, physical body support, and spiritual enhancement.

Our goals for use of Organic Essential Oils

Our goal for the inhalation of our products is to help you smell the way you want to feel. Enjoy our blends to assist you with waking up, relaxing, focusing, high intensity, and calming your soul. Please let us know if you have any questions!